Canopy Mount 3 Light Rack for Ecotech Radion

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This all aluminum black anodized rack will screw into the top inside of your canopy. All of the mounting points are fully adjustable to any position along the rail as are the light mounts. You cannot adjust height but the top of the light will be about 1.5″ from the top inside of the canopy. Stainless outing hardware as well as wrenches to assemble and adjust are all included. Custom racks can be made please contact us for a quote should you need something else.


This is for the Canopy mount 3 which includes:

35″ aluminum mounting rail with angle brackets

2 pair of radion light mounting plates

8 stainless screws for mounting 2 lights (lights not included)

hex wrenches (2) for mounting and adjusting.

Stainless mounting screws


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